Have you considered your own website to market your rental rooms or properties?

We have developed a system which is both affordable and easy to manage.

So, if you run your own business and considering a new website why not take this opportunity?

The cost of this is set at just £100 for 1 year or £150 for 2 years and includes an available .co.uk domain name of your choice.

We can also offer a Paid Monthly Option from just £10 per month with no minimum term contract.

Whilst this is a low cost option it offers all the functionality required by most businesses. However, it can also be very easily upgraded and further developed as required.

Also included are free adverts on www.roomsforlet.co.uk for as long as your website is active, linking to your new website, so giving a further saving on advertising costs.

The website comes with its very own, easy to use Content Management System (CMS) allowing you to fully edit all content. You are also able to create unlimited new pages and add as many Room or Property Listing pages as you wish.

We will set you up with your new website, to a similar structure and features as this one, on its own domain and using your preferred colour scheme. Initially we will create the Home page, Contact page, Blog and Rooms section where you can create additional pages for each room or property you have available.

SEO is implemented automatically although you can edit this if you are familiar with it. We recommend including your main town or city in your domain name to target that area.

You are then able to access the CMS to add all your own content, room information and create new pages as required.

Whats included:

  • Available .co.uk domain name of your choice
  • Website creation to your preferred colour scheme
  • Website hosting
  • Add logo image if available
  • Add unlimited room or property pages
  • Add unlimited content pages
  • Create an image carousel for the Home page and individual room/property  pages
  • Blog or News section
  • Free adverts on www.roomsforlet.co.uk
  • Full SEO control - target your pages to your local area. Tip, include your main town or city name in your domain name
  • Email forwarding to your preferred email address
  • Can be further developed as required

Order your new website Now by completing the form below.

Prices displayed here are based on a Standard Set Up as outlined above and throughout this website. However, we can further develop any website or provide additional design work for an agreed extra fee. The Standard Set Up should be sufficient for most businesses.